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Bring your cart in and let the experts at the Ocala Golf Cart Supercenter and see what They can do for you!

We offer  same day service on most of service.  We have 4 technicians on site available to ensure you get the information you need as quickly as possible.


You will find a great selection of accessories and services to help you make your golf cart your own.

Full Service Maintenance offered in our shop!

Find a great selection of competitively priced accessories.

Full Sunbrella black Sunbrella Extended Sunbrella No CP club protector


We have many options to choose from and plenty of beautiful colors.

Flip Back Seat

Ask how you can get matching front and back seats.

Rear Cart Options

Not a golfer? That's OK! Don't waste the space.

club bag holder grocery bag safety handle alone Back Seat flipp backseat

Club Bag Holder

Grocery Bag


Can't see behind you? Not a problem!

Rearview 5 panel mirror side mirrors


Want to upgrade the seats on your cart? Now offering 2-tone seats covers and your favorite sports team.

college seats

Luxury Riding

Do you like music? Want some AC in this Florida heat? Let us install your luxuries.

dash strech_dash_-cc radio MR145

MR145.2 Radio

Speaker Mount


BreezEasy Fan

Custom Dash

Colors: Burl & Carbon

Cart Extras

If you don't see it here, give us a call and maybe we can find it for you!

volt meter steering cover storage coveres tire mat scor board cover sand box sand bottles roof rack garage floor protector cooler ball washer1 gorilla floor matt

Floor Mats


Ball Washer

Sand Bottles

Sand Box

Scoreboard Covers

Steering Wheel Covers

Volt Meter

Cart Storage Covers


Roof Rack


Sand Rake




Make a statement with a custom golf cart!



0426161404 rear seat